We are so excited to begin our staggered reopening of our children’s ministry.  We especially want to thank all of the families for your patience and understanding during this unprecedented COVID-19 season.  We also thank you in advance as we begin the REBOOT that will continue through the end of 2020.  
We have a lot of NEW and exciting elements that will be introduced during the REBOOT.  As would be expected there will be some new protocols in place to account for student and volunteer safety (our number one concern from start to finish).

Below you will find our REBOOT schedule for reopening specific rooms.  

Sept. 27 - Grades 1 - 5 reopens
Oct. 4 - Grades Pre-K - K reopens
Oct. 18 - Ages 2-3 years reopens
(Nov-Dec) - Nursery reopens

*Once a classroom is reopened it will remain open
**Rooms will be open for both the 9:15am and 11am service times
We are asking parents to pre-register your child as we do have some room capacity requirements. It would be helpful for us to know you're coming! You can pre-register below: 
What’s new with the REBOOT?
We are THRILLED to announced Ryan & Michelle Hudiburgh’s transition into their new role as CPC Kids directors.  Ryan & Michelle have served the students of CPC in our Youth Ministry and have also been Ministry Coaches for our Connect Groups.  They will do a tremendous job of caring for your student, for your family, and for our amazing volunteers!
Part of the REBOOT will include a revamp of our room names.  Below we’ve listed the new room name and former age groupings.  
BLUE ROOM – Formerly the Kid Point room, grades 1 – 5
PURPLE ROOM – Formerly the Little Point room, grades Pre-K - K
GREEN ROOM – Formerly the Mini Point room, 2-4 yrs
YELLOW ROOM – Formerly the Tiny Point room, 0 – 1 yrs
We have a new curriculum that parents and students will love.  This summer, we had a team of CPC educators and kids’ team workers review several possible curricula.  Upon review, we determined that GROW Curriculum would be a great fit. We will still have a great online presence and even more ways for parents to engage with their kids!
All volunteers are pre-screened and temp checked prior to entering our CPC Kids area. Once they’ve cleared the screening each team member will have an easily identifiable sticker.  The screening includes the following CDC guideline questions:
o Elevated temperature 100.0 or higher
o Cough
o Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
o Fatigue
o Muscle or body aches
o Headache
o Loss of taste or smell
o Sore throat
o Congestion or runny nose
o Nausea or vomiting
o Diarrhea
o Been in contact with anyone testing positive for COVID-19 (in the past 14 days)
As part of our vigilance to provide the safe, sanitized, and secure environment all parents want we have updated our check-in / check-out policy.  We looked at several protocols from both churches and schools.  Our new check-in / check-out system will provide greater room security and limit room access to only volunteers who have been Covid-19 screened and cleared.  Parents will now check in their student at the check in station and the student will then be escorted to their room by a pre-screened volunteer.  Student pickup will be different too. Now parents will check out their student at the counter and a pre-screened volunteer will bring the student to their parents.  This system works great for local KIDS Club and our public schools.  It helps minimize exposure and helps us maintain a safe, sanitized, and secure environment.
We also ask that parent’s pre-screen their children before checking them in.  Parents will be asked screening questions and your child’s temp will be taken before check-in is completed. Again, these additional safeguards are in place to serve our children, families, and volunteer teams. (Please see the screening questions above).

Rooms will be physically distanced for older school age children.  We also STRONGLY ENCOURAGE that children wear masks in the room.  All volunteers will also wear masks. Each classroom will have a sanitation station.