Service INformation & COVID 19 UPdates

We are having physical Services again!

Scroll down to see how we are having safe and contactless services.

You Can still Join Us Online as well!

Tune in on any of the Connecting Point Church LIVE streaming platforms. (9:15AM & 11AM CST)

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Plan To Attend in Person?

1. You are already doing the first step! Checking out this page and reading through it. Sunday will look different so it's very important that you know what you are walking into!

2. In order to create a spacious environment, we will have limited seating with adequate spacing in our auditorium. We encourage everyone to wear a mask and please respect the social distancing policy that we have put into place.

What Happens Once I Arrive?

When you arrive, our greeting team will welcome you as you enter the building.  From there, we have created a contactless experience. Our team will direct you seamlessly to your auditorium seat. 

What Will Children’s Programming Look Like At church?

The CPC KIDS REBOOT begins this weekend! 
We are so excited to begin our staggered reopening of our "in person" children’s ministry.  We especially want to thank all of the families for your patience and understanding during this unprecedented COVID-19 season.  We also thank you in advance as we begin the REBOOT that will continue through the end of 2020.  
We have a lot of NEW and exciting elements that will be introduced during the REBOOT.  As would be expected there will be some new protocols in place to account for student and volunteer safety (our number one concern from start to finish).

For a full range of details on the REBOOT click the button below.
As we begin the REBOOT we are asking parents to assist us by pre-registering your child for what service they will be attending.  Pre-registration is quick, easy, and online:

Following is our planned staggered reopening schedule:

1.  Sept. 27th - Grades 1-5 reopens
2. Oct. 4th  - Grades Pre-K - reopens
3. Oct. 18th - Ages 2-4 reopens
4. Nov. - Nursery reopens

*Once a room is opened they will remain open
**Rooms will be open for both the 9:15am & 11am services
***Plans are subject to change (as we know, with Covid-19 we just don't really know, so let's all keep flexible)

If the your child's room is not yet open, they will join you in the worship center for a family-friendly experience. Here are some helpful tips to make it a great time for them:

1. We will have lesson themed coloring pages for your kids! Crayons will be provided in seat-backs but you can also bring your own.

2. Bring a tablet or mobile device and a pair of headphones – during the experience, your child can visit and watch this weekend’s Bible lesson.

3.  Our heart is to provide the best environment for our kids and volunteers.  That's why we have taken the staggered approach to our REBOOT.  It's also with that end in mind, that we will continue providing multiple options (online kids service, coloring pages etc.) if your child is in the main service. We also show the service on the large TV screens located in The Brew should your child need some space to move around.

Please see our REBOOT page for more details.

What Precautions Is Connecting Point Church Taking?

We are taking every step of precaution as prescribed by the CDC to ensure that Connecting Point Church is safe, secure and spacious for your family.

1. Every chair will be sanitized prior to and between each worship experience in accordance with CDC guidelines.

2. We encourage all attendees over the age of 65 or those who have a compromised immune system to worship online with us online.

3. If you have had any of the following symptoms this week, please worship with us online:

Fever Over 100
Cough or Sore Throat
Shortness of Breath
Contact with anyone confirmed to have COVID-19 (in the past 14 days)