Connecting Point Impact is committed to reaching out to those in need. We believe it is our responsibility to go out into the world and share the love of Jesus. Through multiple programs, CPC is active in our own community and the world. 

We are also excited to introduce some new international initiatives, programs that have a track record of integrity and effectiveness. Israel - Jerusalem (Fellowship of Israeli Ministries - FIRM), Treasure in Clay, SHIP, and Digital Missions.  Because our heart is to help people with immediate needs and to do so with greater impact, we will partner organizations like Wave Collective for crisis relief outreach which will enable us to act when a disaster strikes. For church planting we will continue to partner with ARC (Association of Related Churches) where 100% of every dollar given goes directly to church planting!

Join the Mission

Join us on one of our upcoming mission trips to El Salvador or Uganda. We partner with organizations and local churches around the globe to provide the life-giving Gospel message. If you are interested in joining us on a missions trip please let us know by clicking the button below.


Above & Beyond

One of our core values is to live generously and to be committed to live for something more than just us. Our impact must go beyond the walls of our church, the Brazos County region, and out into the nations of the world as we commit to share the love of Jesus. As we do this, we believe God will meet us in a way that is above and beyond what we could think ask or even dream!